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Nha Trang, the beauty of East-West cultural blend
Nha Trang has a sophisticated beauty. It is well-known for the Ponagar Temple, however its architecture didn't get any influence from the Cham culture. They said the beauty of Nha Trang has been fade away, gone with the modernization, yet, the beauty of East-West cultural blend's still there, the mix of French architecture with the ancient architecture of traditional villages (fishing, pottery, sedge mat) along the Cai river. To match with this culture clash, Potique Hotel has built and arranged the green with the classic construction to give you a memorable experience as to live back in Indochina era.
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Nha Trang, the beauty of
Profound space Classic Standards

"Bring the best experience, the most sophisticated sphere and 5* standards to our dear customers" - with that slogan in mind, we devote ourselves in every steps from choosing the materials, equipments, every designs; and each staff bring their best out to give our dear customers the best hotel, the best atsmosphere, the best music & the best services ever.

Cuisine Enjoy the sophistication

Potique Hotel offer astonishing diversified cuisines, specially focus on Vietnamese cuisine with carefully chosen local ingredients. We believe our dishes, with best decoration, will bring you the fresh unique tastes - which can only be found and be tasted at Nha Trang.

Beside the local cuisine, for customers who enjoy jazz & Cuba cirgar, Potique also offer you a romantice sea-view to enjoy our signature beef, to cook and server at your table.

Spa & Wellness
Spa & Wellness for Inspiration

At Potique Spa, we offer you spa treatments to make you feel relax, refresh after intense meetings and long journey with our famous Agarwood Oil.

JUNE Promotions
JUNE Promotions
June, the month to honor the unconditional love fathers give to our families. Featuring savory selections of local and French cuisine that would match any father’s taste and health care services, Potique Hotel welcomes you to celebrate and create cherished memories with your beloved fathers and families.
Indochine Summer Bliss
Indochine Summer Bliss
Have fun with your family this summer at Potique, the 5-star hotel exquisitely decorated in Indochine style, in the heart of Nha Trang.
Club privileges at Potique Hotel in Nha Trang
Club privileges at Potique Hotel in Nha Trang
Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy Club privileges with following services and facilities at Club Lounge (23rd Floor).
Afternoon tea in Indochine style at Potique Cafe
Afternoon tea in Indochine style at Potique Cafe
Immerse yourself in a romantic, nostalgic space, sip a cup of warm fragrant tea and relax your mind in the melodies of piano.
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