Awaken by the Asian and Western Fusion Cuisine at Potique Hotel
Awaken by the Asian and Western Fusion Cuisine at Potique Hotel

Culinary art is a cultural cradle expressing the regional portrait and its characteristics. Appreciating the food preparation process in Asian and Western cuisine embarks the journey of achieving the True - the Good - the Beauty, the remarkable experience for diners. Indeed, visiting any landmark without enjoying their specialties is a pity. Don’t let that haunt you again, by taking all the chances you can to try out new food, new recipes and even something you have never tried before . 

With the skillful hands and spirit of the Potique Hotel chef, from the very beginning, we determine to cater the best cuisine essence through each dish, to assure the impression on the culinary art discovery journey for diners who come to Nha Trang stay precious in their heart even after coming back home.

Culinary art is a cultural cradle expressing through the specialities of each region.

The Asian and Western Fusion Cuisine

Asia and Europe are the two continents with totally different climates and cultures. This also influences the cuisines, each is infused with distinct taste and ingredients. While the Asian cuisine focuses on the dish decoration and its flavor, the European cuisine pays close attention to the food nutritions. The combination between the two will surprise you with the mixture of tastefulness and aftertaste. 

Experiencing the Asian and Western Fusion Cuisine will help you understand the culture coming from each continent. 

Awakening your sense of taste

Well-presented, and attention to detail starting from choosing out the fine ingredients, the food preparation at Potique Hotel is to ensure each dish comes out at its 100%, with its uniqueness and freshness. Above all, the tastiness is a result of the chef's special cooking methodology. To stay creative, the chef not only has to understand each and every culture of the food he cooks inside out, but also has to put the efforts and love into the cooking process just to get the dish right. 

Are you a foodie? If you are, you probably don’t want to miss the food experience here at one of our luxurious Potique Hotel restaurants. We are always honored to serve our guests and accompany them in their discovery journey of Asian and Western Food Cuisine.

Every dish in Potique is a combination in the chef skillfulness and the best fine ingredients in the market.

Nha Trang Restaurant

Focusing on the fine ingredients selection, food in Potique Hotel has to qualify the origins, and fresh. The restaurant is cozy with Vietnamese cuisines’ dishes. Every dish represents the Nha Trang city specialities as well as the fascinating secret of Vietnamese food. 

  • Lunch (11:00-14:00); Dinner (17:00 - 22:00)

  • Location: 4th floor

  • Dining style: Morning Buffet and ala-carte for afternoon brunch and dinner. 

Indochine restaurant

Inspired from Indochine architecture, diners can enjoy the excellent food while listening to music. When you are in doubt, steak will never disappoint you. It is a pick me up dish that will regenerate and satisfy your cravings. 

  • Operating from 11:00 – 22:00 

  • Location: 5th floor

  • Dining style: Ala-carte 

  • Cigar Bar available inside the restaurant

Luxurious architecture and interior design, a small Europe miniature is set up within Indochine restaurant to recreate the European feel to it. 

Club Lounge

This is a relaxation destination for you right before and after sunset. Club Lounge is rather a peaceful place with various selections of sweets, teas and wines. Having your afternoon tea break is also perfect to let go of all the worry and stress, to be completely at peace and enjoy your vacation.

  • Mon - Fri (10:00 - 21:00); Sat & Sun (10:00 - 23:00) 

  • Location: 2nd floor

Club Lounge is a relaxing location to enjoy your sweets, teas and wines

Nha Trang is a beautiful and ideal destination welcoming thousands of guests in season. Dining experience is a different approach to discovering the culture and the country's history. It is not only a spiritual thing, but also the timeless value that needs to be respected and carried on. Let’s dine in with Potique Hotel and share your story on the dining experience you have with us.

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