Potique Hotel - A Time breve
Potique Hotel - A Time breve

Potique Hotel was built on the nature favourable land with “golden forest, and silver ocean”. It is a perfect combination of the culture, historical landmarks and lifestyle of the sea people throughout generations. Coming to Potique Hotel, our guests will be able to feel the profound emotions, the spiritual energy from the hotel architecture upon their arrival, an experience guest would not want to miss.

Indochine architecture influence of the hotel.

Potique - The Imprint of the Space and Time

Time can hide and bury away the happy memories deep down in your unconsciousness. These fabulous times can be found and rediscovered during your stay at the Potique Hotel. A fascinated and charming Indochina architecture, enriched by the time imprints with the rustic decorated atmosphere but also splendidly luxurious interior design. The personallized services assure every guests’ satisfactions, expectations, and mysterically nostalgia just as guest rediscover the old time favorite music piece after forgetting about it.

Potique Hotel will lead your way to embrace the overwhelming emotions. We will help you to put aside the worrysome, anxiety of the busy lifestyle, striving to help you find your peace of mind, and easing your soul. The imprint of space and time creates an unforgettable experience, making sure your visit becomes a remarkable experience and worth every single minute.

The hotel romantic atmosphere yet warm and cozy

Potique Hotel - Where architecture unites with nature 

Visting Potique Hotel, our guests not only are able to experience the best hospitality services, luxurious stays but also find their way back to nature, find their happiness and a rare chance to completely refresh themselves. Boutique Hotel is a mixture of the modern space and the classics, you can stay nostalgic while enjoying the convenience of the modern day technology services.

First time visitors will appreciate the modernized and luxurious architecture with the inspiration from the indochina culture. Incorporation of the white, and grey color palette with interior furniture and intertwined green color components, our guests will truly feel tranquility and de-stress as found in nature.

The mellow and chilling hotel setting

The mellow and chilling hotel setting

Located in the beautiful City of Nha Trang, Potique Hotel is a restful and quiet getaway destination to any of our guests. What makes Potique Hotel to differentiate itself with the rest of the hotel destinations is how to apply the usage of open space and maximum natural lighting in each room. Especially the green wall that extends along and throughout the building, from the 6th to 22th floor. It is unique and a highlight of our hotel architecture setting.

Each room is designed with the luxurious and revamping touch, natural lights and breezy wind flowing. The natural element is an important factor throughout the hotel building process. It is difficult to have smooth integration while still having the hotel stay relevant with today's architect. However, it plays a crucial role in our guest experience. It allows the getaway trip or our guest vacation to truly be in touch with nature, keeping the inner soul at peace and recharged just as found in hiking and meditation.

Potique Hotel also has its roof top outdoor swimming pools, Kid corner, Gym and Fitness center. It offers a wide variety of activities for guests to take part in during their stays, even if you come to Nha Trang alone, it does not matter. Be sure to check out our Sen Spa. It provides 5 stars standard spa treatment for your body and mind, all making your stays filled with joy and excitement. It rejuvenates your body before coming back to your normal busy lifestyles. Give you time to love and appreciate yourself.

The dynamic setting for your family vacation

Visiting the Potique hotel will bring your guests the memorable staycation experience in the journey of discovering the fabulous Nha Trang city, one of the best destinations to be in Vietnam. With the vision “connecting the hearts'', we are honored to bring the best accomodation services to our guests. Potique Hotel value our guest experience as if it’s our own. Come to Nha Trang city and pay a visit to the Potique Hotel. Treat yourself to a relaxing and peaceful stay.

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