President Suite - The elite architecture bridging between the two cultures
President Suite - The elite architecture bridging between the two cultures

In the most luxurious atmosphere on the 23rd floor, President Suite has its own breakthrough architecture style, inspired by the national identity. If you are looking for a classic but fancy, modern but exquisite? President Suite at Potique Hotel is the rare place that can meet up with the most requesting guests, promising to deliver an absolutely unique experience to our guests. Here are a few reasons why Potique Hotel is capable of doing such.

Khu vực bàn ăn của president suite

President Suite design is inspired by the national identity and with a luxurious modern touch.

Vietnamese Spirit - The traditional cultural design inspiring by the national and traditional identity

When talking about the classic architecture, people can easily get confused and mistaked with the Egyptian architecture or the French in the XVII century. However, the pattern design in President Suite specifically, and Potique Hotel generally, it is influenced deeply by the “Vietnamese Spirit”.

In fact, our philosophy and mission is to respect and honor the quintessence of the national identity architecture elements. It is shown through the vanity sets, to private sofa bench, and the double bed with get inspiration from the pattern design of the old Indochine period. Following Doctor Yersin - who had devoted his whole life to discover and dedicate to Nha Trang City. We are not only interested in the artistic aspect of it, we also value the comforts and conveniences to our guests.

The habit, customs are different from one place to another. President Suite is a balanced place that has the mixture of Western and Asian aesthetics, its accommodation clearly stands out the Asian cultural characteristics generally, and the Vietnamese specifically. From the color palettes, materials, equipments and interior decor shapes and forms,.... Looking at the place from a distance, you can be able to recognize the cultural and habitual touch of the Vietnamese, the tropical climate, hot but not dry, humidity but cozy and warm. 

không gian ngủ của president suite

President Suite applies a neutral tone as the main color palette brings the refreshing feel while still keeping the luxury and royalty from the ancient architect.

When talking about the President Suite features, we have to refer to the pattern design that synthesize from the Indochine Ky Ha motifs, rectangular pattern, plants, leaves, flowers and still life images… with soft contours and delicate detail that President Suite has. These pattern designs are used in the flooring detail, wall, ceiling, partition, and other furniture equipment. All of them make the President Suite deserve to be an artistic artwork. You will be able to observe the “one of a kind” architect, like walking into a totally different world, feeling the royal delegation and authority.

President Suite - Embracing harmony with nature

President Suite is inspired from the Indochine design with walls integrated with wind blows to maximize nature interaction and well ventilated for the building. The reception hall also has a sky well to take the advantage of the natural lighting. The neutral palette like cream, white create a cooling effect, especially incorporated with the warmness color of wood furniture to give out the modern but classic aesthetic.

không gian sinh hoạt của president suite

Elegant - Magnificent - Exquisite are the three words best describe our first time visiting guests at Potique Hotel.

Located at the 23th floor of the hotel, President Suite has a spacious living area of 262m2 and is Potique Hotel’s pride. With the impressive design, President Suite is a perfect combination of luxurious design and a classical romantic sketch. The image of Indochine palace in the 1900s, once again comes back to life within the President Suite of the Potique Hotel. Our guests have special authority access to Club Lounge including breakfasts, tea break, evening cocktail drinks and the international 5 stars standard attentive services to VIP guests. 

The modern architecture with large spaces and the resting, meeting, dining, private living room, high class bathroom and a fully equipped massage room. President Suite is at the highest level of the hotel, the guests can be able to observe the amazing landscape of the city.  We truly believe that our guests will have the memorable royal experience at the President Suite - Boutique Hotel.

The golden standard benefits, President Suit deserves to be a luxurious and classic, where every minute of your stays matter to us.

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