Special offer
Special offer

We will give you special offer and unique experiene for your memorable Nha Trang exploration. Let's get inspired and make plan for your journey!

Discover "A Glimpse of Indochine" at Potique Hotel Nha Trang
The 2-night-stay promotion "A glimpse of Indochine" at Potique hotel in Nha Trang brings you back to nostalgic moments and to enjoy the glimpse of Indochine at every corner here.
Experience the "Journey to the East" at Potique Hotel Nha Trang
The 3-night-stay promotion "Journey to the East" at Potique hotel takes you on a journey to the place where East meets West, to discover the mysteries of life.
Offer exclusively for marathon runners in Nha Trang
Nha Trang is waiting for marathon runners. Fuel up to the marathon race strong with Potique hotel.
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