Spa & Wellness
Spa & Wellness

Rest your soul, peace your mind at the Potique hotel's spa and wellness where natural materials and understated luxury create the ultimate rejuvenating and restorative experience. Breathe in the scent of lotus flower as you unwind in a private treatment room, where you can choose between a range of centuries-old and state-of-the-art therapies using only organic ingredients. For exercise in an elegant setting and personalised workouts, head to the hotel's stylish gym.

Gym & Fitness
Gym & Fitness, designed and fully prepared with modern equipment for lifting, running, cycling, and other healthcare systems. Moreover, our Personal Trainer will give you support to have the best training experience.
Sen Spa
Sen Spa is a paradise for health and relaxation to wake up your senses. Join us to experience your personalized treatment at our therapy spa.
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