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Gym & Fitness

Everyone should need the regular physical activities, especially for business people. Regular physical activities not only give you a beautiful body, but it is also important for your health. It helps your mind clear, gives you new creative ideas. Therefore, the Potique hotel's gym & fitness is an ideal choice that you should not ignore when visiting to hotel.

Perfect place for regular physical exercise at Potique Hotel

For guests who have a habit of doing exercises every day, even on vacation, they still want to have a good and adequate practice space. The Potique hotel's spacious gym area equipped with modern facilities, has a minimalist style with Indochine-style tones, giving guests an effective and classy exercise space. A variety of equipment arranged in a methodical manner surely brings inspiration to anyone who comes here.


Regular exercise bings you a beautiful and healthy body

In addition to delicate and luxurious tones, Potique Hotel's gym also has many windows to help get the natural sunlight easily, giving a guests energy and helping relieve stress. Maintaining a daily workout at Gym & Fitness at Potique Hotel will help you have a healthy body, fresh mind and create a source for creative ideas in life.

Modern gym equipment meets the European standards

The Gym & Fitness Center at Potique Hotel owns training equipment designed according to European standards with a full range of specialized exercise machines for different muscle groups, along with dumbbell sets. Ensuring the correct weight standards will help the physical activities always meet the desired standards.

Modern gym equipment meets the European standards

The treadmills and other machines are fully equipped with today's most advanced features to help you practice at many different intensities and exercises. The most modern technology integrated in the treadmills will help relax and increase the efficiency of your workout. In addition, you can also create your own personal profile to facilitate tracking the entire daily workout process when staying at Potique Hotel.

Mineral water and towels are always prepared so that you can maintain your workout time as long as possible. In addition, the gym & fitness's open space helps taking maximum natural light. Whether you practice during the day or at night, you can admire the peaceful beauty of the coastal city of Nha Trang, which will help you relieve fatigue after a long stressful day.

Designed with the maximum light space, you can both practice and see the beauty of the coastal city of Nha Trang.

Potique hotel believes that, with the modern equipment and high-class services, our gym & fitness will definitely fulfill the initially entrusted mission of helping you stay healthy, beautiful and successful in life.


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