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In this modern age, women take spa days not merely for the sake of their beauty, but also get away from their busy schedule, and daily life stressors. At Sen Spa, it is where your beauty gets accentuated, your health gets regenerated. Come to Potique Hotel to discover Sen Spa to embrace the exceptional services!

Awaken all your senses

According to the International Spa Association, a certified Spa must have five criteria to address the human senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch). These are also the elements that customers have found and satisfied with at Sen Spa - where all your senses are awakened. Visiting Sen Spa, you will be amazed by the charming and graceful architecture. Our Spa is inspired by nature where we utilize locally grown ingredients and locally designed products to ensure the experience is unforgettable and soul enriching.

The atmosphere inspired by nature at Sen Spa therapeutic treatment room.

The atmosphere inspired by nature at Sen Spa therapeutic treatment room

What are your thoughts on the relaxing spa atmosphere with a tranquility and nature-like setting, immerse yourself in sensible nature sound, inhaling in a refreshing breeze infused with a delicate fragrant of real lotus flower, incorporating with the smell of the soil, water, and greens vegetation just as your recent hikes into the forest. It is a perfect combination from nature, a classic vintage but warming architecture, putting your inner self at peace while indulging the luxury of relaxation and recharge. All these elements help to put Sen Spa reveal itself differently and personally in each customer experience.

Sen Spa - Embracing your body

Sen Spa is a rustic and peaceful location you will find among the hustle and bustle of Nha Trang busy city metropolis. With an absolute relaxing energy, pampering yourself with all the exclusive treatments in any of our 6 special therapeutic treatment rooms will never disappoint. All the treatment approach at Sen Spa was inspired from the traditional treatment on body care, combined with the modern touch, using 100% organic natural products. Sen Spa professional technicians shall assist you to connect with all your senses, putting your soul at ease and completely relax after a stressful day with the following special therapeutic treatments:

  • Hot stone therapeutic treatment
  • Herbal therapeutic treatment
  • Traditional cupping therapeutic treatment
  • Asian therapeutic treatment
  • Herbal mask therapeutic treatment
  • Cold/hot stone facial therapeutic treatment…

Sen Spa deliver a perfect spa day experience to you

Sen Spa deliver a perfect spa day experience to you

Assuring to offer the best splendid spa day, your body will indulging in the best services and treatments. Our goal is to be considerate, caring, attentive, thoughtful and personalized. Sen Spa is honored to welcome our guests to come and spend your precious time with specially designed rejuvenating treatments. It is a fantastic way to relieve stress, restore your mind/ body balance, revive your true beauty through our experienced therapists. A delightful spa day will refresh yourself and give you the confidence you need. What is the treatment you are looking for the most at Sen Spa? We will always be here to fulfil beyond your expectations.

Sen Spa - An excellent complete spa services from Potique Hotel

Sen Spa is truly worth visiting. Located at the second floor of Potique Hotel, operating hours from 9am to 10pm daily, with 6 therapeutic treatment rooms: 2 VIP rooms. 1 double treatments room, 3 single bed treatments room. Visiting Sen Spa, enjoying a personal space, you find yourself in your wellness of being, a tranquility at soul, the awaken from warmness from therapists’ hand, feeling rested from the smell of natural oil, the cleanliness and soft from the bed sheet, bedding, pillow cases removing all the muscle tensions, recharge and de-stress yourself, taking off all your burdens, worry and anxiety. 

Sen Spa pays extra attention into every detail just to maximize our guest experience.

Sen Spa pays extra attention into every detail just to maximize our guest experience

It is time to enjoy and heal your body and soul. Need a quick pick me up spa treatment or a relaxing spa day? Come to Sen Spa, your nature spa destination for your inner peace and health, to find your own personal space that belongs to yourself only. You deserve the best at Sen Spa.



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