Having your dining at Potique Hotel, you will find yourself enjoy an astonishing fresh seafood cuisine orchestra. You can choose Nha Trang local signature dishes or taste Indochina cuisine with best supply ingredients which is refreshed daily. Don't forget to visit Club Lounge if you are looking for a green space to fulfill your vacation.

Indochine Restaurant
Indochine Restaurant is inspired from Indochine architecture. You can enjoy yourself with sophisticated music, romantic views, various choice of finest wine and experience tasty local cuisines.
Nha Trang Restaurant
Nha Trang restaurant - where you can find local signatures and international dishes full in nutrition and rich in styles & decorations which can satisfied any customer. Prepared by the best chefs with finest ingredients, you can feel and experience Nha Trang yourself via this food journey at Nha Trang Restaurant.
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